Fake News? CIA Should Know!

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CIA admits using news to manipulate the public CIA: We Create 'Fake News' CIA admits using news to manipulate the public Posted by The People's Voice on Thursday, December 1, 2016


To Shawn Hufford

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Shawn- It is a forgone conclusion at this point that you and I are going to always disagree on quite a few things. I hope at the very least, that you and I can agree ...


How they fake their models.

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I think they use these boxes for their models.


Moon Hoax

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This is getting hard to not scream at the top of my lungs. This world is lost and confused and one of the things that is causing this is the absolute lie that humans have ever or will ever walk on the moon. It makes me sick. Check back soon for the updated page full of my moon research.


FLAT haha You Gotta Check This Out!

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Just found this song and it is pretty damn good. I know nothing about the group at all... for all I know they made this song as a joke. In fact, if I had to ...


Destroying Gravity by Richard

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I just found this blog and it is awesome!  Especially this post!  I have copied it here for you or you can read it at the authors blog here: https://thenarrowgateweb.wordpress.com/2016/11/29/23-destined-for-oblivion/ The following is the exact text ...


McCain Talks About Space Money

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]enator McCain speaks on the authorization bill and American use of Russian rocket engines. It is already known that in the appropriations bill that there is basically an unlimited purchase of Russian rocket engines led ...


A Recent Post on the Flat Earth Forum

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Recently I saw a post on the flat earth society forum and I just had to respond.  First, here is the post, my answer is below. THE POST Note about point 1-3: Every single one ...


The Make-Believe World of “Relativity”

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The following is an amazing article written by Robert Sungenis that can be found here.  Awesome job Robert! Albert in Wonderland The Make-Believe World of “Relativity” A response to Russell Humphreys’ Letter to the Editor ...


EBTV Interview

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A very cool site to checkout is http://www.evolvingbeings.com which is a site that includes EBTV, a selection of videos for the awakening mind. Its purpose is to facilitate consciousness expansion, heart-centered living and support each of our ...


Can You See Stars In Space?

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An interesting comment from Neil Degrasse Tyson about stars in space.  Then watch the video below that to see the issue that NASA has with explaining the absence of stars in space.  


11:11 by Tiller Wills - The Best Anti-NWO Song Ever

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This is probably the best song EVER for anyone who finds themselves in the minority of the "awaken."  Got lucky and found this totally randomly.  Maybe this was meant to be because it is named ...


International Fake Station

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Please leave a comment below to tell the world your opinion of this crap that NASA continues to put out there and insults our intelligence by calling it real.  This is a sad, sad hoax ...



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I honestly can't tell the intent of the writer in this article from Gizmodo... It is very short but when you read it, it certainly does no good for NASA as the guy admits the ...


Sad Place We Live

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Just saddens me that we live in a world where things like this are allowed to happen. Yes, I get it, perhaps this could have happened in the wild... but that isn't the point. Perhaps ...