Are you trying to reach Jeran? This is the place. Scroll down to find the easiest methods to contact Jeran.


Are you trying to contact Jeran? This is the place. The options below will cover all the possible methods.

If you have a question, check the FAQ’s and submit a question through the form at the bottom of the FAQ’s page.

If you simply want to talk to Jeran, the best way is to leave a 90 second audio message through Speakpipe. You can leave a message from your home PC and anyone that leaves a message will get a response from Jeran… eventually:)

To read questions that Jeran has already answered, you should check out ASK.FM. To date, Jeran has answered well over 1000 questions and all answers are available for you to review. You can also ask a question from the page and so far, Jeran has answered every question asked through that method although he is currently behind.

If you want to communicate and receive a response within 24 hours, you should become a patron! Jeran gives a special email address and a special link to Speakpipe to all those who become patrons at Patreon!  Click HERE to join the coolest club on the block!

Lastly, you can email Jeran by sending an email to jeranism (at) yahoo .com or you can fill out the form below.