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  • Bruno Chevrier

    hello jeranism!! I love your video, but I would like to recommend you a video from (the supernatural) it is about rocks I promise you will be blown away, her video has help me confirm my theory.

  • Pacian

    The new wtc , is nothing more than a rocket with a giant spier ontop , hiding under a skin of glass , fake building , and lies. Designed to poke a hole in our roof. ( firmament ) When they decide the weak are all dead from the flooding, they will pull the drain plugs (wtc memorial ) and the water flow will be controlled. I want You All to ATleast try to prove Me wrong. ! When You seek the truth, the truth is easy to find. Now it’s up to You Brothers and Sisters.

  • Steve Lloyd

    Hey everyone, just sent an email but thought i’d post this these questions, we see a lot of clouds from the space station but has anyone ever a single plane flying above them? has anyone seen fireworks at least lighting up clouds at night?

  • Vincent Granaldi

    Hey Jeran,
    This is the first time I’ve been to your site, although I’ve watched most of your videos, all excellent and very professional, I may add.
    I sent an email regarding the laser experiment your doing. If you didn’t get the email, let me know and I can discuss it here or resend. Just think there may be an easier way to execute it.
    Thanks for all your hard work in trying to determine what the earth actually is, and not just the shape of it….for me it’s flat.

  • I certainly believe in God. That is the only thing I know to be fact. One look around and design and intelligence is obvious. The motive is control. Knowledge is power and therefore lack of knowledge is lack of power and that’s what these guys want.

  • Jami

    Hi Jeran,
    Trust you are well? Firstly, I love your work and agree we are being lied to. Your videos are clean, professional, informative and bar the typical airy-fairy stuff.

    As you have pointed out the ISS is no doubt a hoax as with all the other adventures claimed by the worlds various space agencies. I believe we are incapable of leaving the earth to enter space.

    I know you do not believe in God anymore and I am OK with that. However, I still personally hold onto the Biblical record of creation.

    In my opinion Gen 1 has some interesting pointers. One of which is the filament. The filament was introduced to separate the waters from above from the waters below.

    If so it must exist to this day and implies there is still water above us.

    Sending a rocket into this will be like hitting a brick wall.

    Your work only substantiates what I have found to be the truth by studying Biblical Hebrew.

    We both agree we are being lied to. If so we need to find out why; what is the motive? Once we have a motive we can perhaps turn this around and expose the truth.

    People will always be sceptical of ‘conspiracy theories’. The view point is so out of kilter with the status quo it will always be discarded as nonsensical rubbish created by nutters.

    Some believe the motive is for world domination by elect leaders of some pseudo religious narcistic sect such as the illuminati. I personally do not think so as they would have taken over years ago as the time has always been right.

    How big is the lie? Well it appears to be very big. Many agencies across the world are unified in this lie.

    In my experience it is relatively easy to tell a once-off lie to achieve a once-off gain. It is extremely complex and exhausting to create and maintain a TREE of lies that has many branches and root system. Worse still, to keep this lie alive for hundreds of years!

    The motive has to be bigger than politics and money! The people that are involved in the lie already have the money and power so have achieved their goal (if this was the goal).

    So this motive is to me the missing link?

    All the best.