McCain Talks About Space Money

Posted by on Nov 27, 2016 in Blog Posts


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]enator McCain speaks on the authorization bill and American use of Russian rocket engines. It is already known that in the appropriations bill that there is basically an unlimited purchase of Russian rocket engines led by the military industrial congressional complex. He shows that the Russians who have been sanctioned by the United States of America under Vladimir Putin will directly profit from the continued purchase of these Russian rocket engines. He is dealing with Boeing, Lockheed and the outfit called ULA, which is the two of them combined. As McCain points out, this is a classic example of the influence of special interests over the nation's priorities, but more importantly they are so greedy that they were willing to put millions of dollars into the pocket of crooks.

He makes a great point about how citizens are cynical about Washington and the fact that there is such a tight relationship between this conglomerate of two of the biggest defense industries in America, Boeing and Lockheed, and we end up with the expenditure of tens of millions of taxpayers' dollars and a free ride for these big companies. The end is great as McCain speaks to the Colorado Senator who is obviously bought and paid for by Boeing etc. and calls those stuffing their pockets with taxpayer monies for rockets foolish when he says "I'd like for him to meet them because they are crooks. They're crooks and they're corrupt and they're butchers. So I'd like for him to meet them as he continues to advocate for the status quo which is a totally unacceptable expenditure of american tax dollars which indeed are used to kill Americans. So that's a heavy responsibility I would say to my new friend in the Senate, the Senator from Colorado. That's a heavy responsibility. These guys are killing people, and we're subsidizing these murderers and thugs and that's not something i would be proud of.