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Jeran, why have you made some content exclusive to Patrons only?

Thanks for asking.  If the $5 a month price upsets you, it's okay... I understand.  Truth should be free.  But in the real world, people are paid for providing a service to others and I feel that I am offering a service. If you do not, then there is no reason you would be upset that I am asking $5 a month for that service.  If you do consider it a service and you want to see the protected content, then you are upset that something you want, is not free.  Well, I agree that it sucks that everything is not free.  I want many things that either are out of my price range or that are priced at a price I am not willing to pay. However, there is nothing that costs $5 that I really want that I choose not to pay for.  If I want it, I am willing to pay $5 for it.  If I am not willing to pay that amount, then I really don't want it that bad.

Once upon a time, YouTube allowed all content to be uploaded as long as it wasn't considered hate speech or bullying and I have never produced a video of that nature.  People who know me or who have watched me for three years, know it isn't what I am about.  Recently however, YouTube started policing what was being talked about and if you have seen my videos, then you know that my views and beliefs are certainly not what one would consider to be, mainstream.  Well, YouTube began removing any ad funding and removing my videos while issuing my channel "community guidelines" strikes, calling my revealing of various hoaxes and mainstream lies, hate speech and bullying.  That simply isn't true.  They are trying to control what you say and what the viewer hears.

This is censorship and while I might disagree with YouTube, it is their site and they can choose what to allow there.  I believe the public has a right to know and so I choose to tell them.  People have offered to contribute to my work financially and I am very appreciative for that.  Doing what I do is not free.  It takes a lot of time and believe it or not, money to research, organize, write, edit, create, record, double check, render and upload each video I create.  Many people do not have the time to look into things that they may want to and so together we can create a team where they support me and in return, I provide details I have found in my daily research.  It can be a win/win as I get to do something I enjoy and people get access to the research that they want, yet do not have the time to do themselves. My research is extremely rewarding to me as it helps me uncover the lies that we have been fed since our youth and the deceptions we are continually bombarded with in our normal day to day lives. So doing what I do takes a lot of time and to make sure that I do not fall for further deceptions, I am careful about what I research and report.

When you take the video creating and the research, which includes hours of reading and fact checking, combined with the maintenance of this website and my other various accounts, you might begin to see how much time and money it really takes.  If you feel that my research is not worth $5 a month, then that's your choice.  However, the people that do support me see how much better of an investment access to my work is when compared to the other things people spend money on.  Yes, truth should be free, but most people have no issue spending $5 on a beer at a bar. Or $9 on a movie meant to tell you lies in story format.  They say truth should be free but pay $6 for a popcorn that cost $0.30 and 30 seconds to make.  They will pay $10 on a Burger King "Value" Meal meant to destroy their insides with crap that is barely edible and packed with zero nutritional value or spend $15 on a 12 pack of beer meant to cloud your mind and further push you towards depression.

I like to add humor and some fun into what can be a sobering journey otherwise.  I like to show my work and never tell anyone to believe me or trust me.  Everyone is free to believe what they want and all I promise to provide is the truth about what I have researched and what I believe.  I do my very best to provide as much free content as I possibly can but I also can always use support to make things easier and more affordable. The more support I receive, the more content I can create and the more research and testing I can do.  I am not withholding truth by any stretch of the imagination. I am withholding my opinion when my opinion could get my channel shut down. If you want to know what I think, tune in to Globebusters or jeranism Monday Night Raw. I will say the same things there, maybe just slightly less language or in other terms.

So, to give back to those who support me and to get around the YouTube censorship by protecting my video content on Vimeo, some of my material is offered solely to those who have made it possible for me to do the work I have been able to do for the past three years.  I am very lucky to spend a majority of my week doing what I love and I have a dream that one day all of my time can be put toward finding and revealing truth as it truly cures all ills.  It has made my life better in every way and dare I say my viewers lives as well.  I hope you decide to join and if not, please enjoy all of my other content, totally free of charge including the rest of the content throughout this site and the over 450 videos found on my various YouTube channels including 'jeranism' 'jeranismRAW' and 'Globebusters.' Tune in on Sunday's for 3 hours of free content and Monday nights for 3 more hours of free content. Add to that the videos I release on jeranism and jeranismRAW and there is plenty of truth all over the place.

Thomas Jefferson once said,

"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom."

So if you would excuse me please, I am on to Chapter Two.  Thanks again for stopping by!   Peace!

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