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Despite many people's opinions of me, I have been who I have claimed to be and operated honestly since my first day on YouTube. I can't do more than that. I also have tried to stay away from drama because I care more about the flat earth truth than engaging in drama and nonsense, which seems so "Globe" to me and I have turned over a new leaf and no longer see bickering and arguing as a productive activity.


I have received a ton of email from many people upset that I went on IPS's show again to have a discussion with him. While I understand why people are upset, I do wish that people gave me a little more credit. I too expected a launch of the rocket August 22nd and I tuned into IPS's channel on the night of August 22 only to see two videos, one 8 seconds long and another 19 seconds long. That and no mention of when or if the launch took place. The following morning, I sent a text to Mad Mike Hughes as I had his number since he was on my TFR Raw podcast a while back. I asked him if he launched and if not, why? He responded that he needed new heaters of some type and still needed a crane or something to set up the ramp. I then said that I was a bit confused as to why this wasn't communicated with those who had backed the launch and expected an 8/22 launch. He replied that he thought that IPS did share it during the interview. I asked what interview and Mike told me that IPS had interviewed him the day before and he thought he was posting the video. So, I texted IPS and asked him to call me and when he did and I started asking some questions and he said it would all be explained that evening on a live stream and that he was fine if I wanted to call in to discuss it then.


So, when I arrived and saw in the video description a link for people to get their money back if the wanted and I was relieved. I have never been the type of person that will just call everything a scam like many others out there because I actually care when I am correct or not and see no purpose to yell and scream and accuse people of things everyday. This was a sign to me that perhaps something wasn't right with the launch but that he was willing to pay anyone back that had doubts. That being said, some of the emails I have received have accused IPS of a million things. Some of which may be true, some may not. I don't know those answers. What I do notice is that people assume that I have seen a million videos by MGTV, by Flat Earth Reset, by Daniel Pratt and the list goes on and on. I have never been a sub to FE Reset but since he did a video or two about me, I have checked him out and in one video about me, found below... he tells more lies in ten minutes than should be humanely possible. I hope you can understand why I don't watch his videos beyond that. Why would I? A few people had sent me links to his videos, like take a look at minute 1-2 or something like that... sometimes I watched, sometimes I didn't. Regardless, the clear and simple truth is if I know for a FACT that the man is clueless based on his blatant lies about me and nonsense conjecture, he has lost credibility with me. Some of you don't care how much someone is right. you like drama. You don't care if someone has called every single flat earther a shill with nothing but baseless accusations. You still consider that person a source of information. More power to you.

So, when I hear that he thinks the art show is a fraud, and it isn't and wasn't.. or I hear that he thinks the billboard is fake and it isn't or he thinks the airplane banner is fake which I can't be sure of but I ask myself, why fake something that you yourself purchased? What is the benefit of that? Doesn't mean it wasn't faked, it just doesn't seem like it matters much. And lastly when someone goes on and on for a month saying that the launch is faked when it hasn't even happened, I no longer see reason to even give them a look.  I think there is no worse YouTuber than the idiot who runs Flat Earth Reset. He hasn't made one good flat earth video at all! Not one. So that means that he has just added 50 videos making FE look like it is full of scam artists and Satanists and all with no proof, just a terrible voice and yelling and cussing and that interests me none. So, when everyone is basing their info from a known liar (He lied about me more times than I can count.) I have to ask are you sure that is true? I don't have time to watch all these crappy drama filled accusation laden videos and jeez I hear a lot of things about a lot of people and I can't know what is true and what isn't. An email directed me to some horrible emails written by IPS and so I had asked him to direct me to a video in question. However, when I try my best to be a good person and operate in an honest way, to hear some foul-mouthed admitted atheist like FE Rest call me a liar... over and over again... an angry email wouldn't be out of the question and if I knew where he was and how to reach him, possibly more. That's the thing about the internet... he can lie all day because no one knows him. By being a speaker at the Conference and being public and easy to find while using my real name, I don't get the same luxury of making 3 videos a day calling people names and making accusations. I think it is a cowardly move by a cowardly little man. All I know is as I have said, FE Reset is a terrible researcher with a shitty mouth and he has accused me of 25 things I could name and every single one of them is a total lie. So, I struggle with why anyone would expect me to believe things he says about someone else. That's what happens when you ruin your credibility with me. He should figure out what happens when he gets me all wrong. Like the boy who cried wolf.


Check out this shit box video and I don't know why I would dare give this clown views but the best part is from 11:26 - 13:21  It is so bad I can't begin to explain how wrong can one man be? So, he claims that I say simulation theory is ridiculous. Which I absolutely do because we do not live in a simulation. Period. Then he goes on to say that I use simulation when I need it. From 11:26-13:21 he uses the word simulation 12 times. Then he shows a clip of me in which I say the word simulate, simulates, simulation, simulations or any form of simulate ZERO times. That is pretty funny. At one point I say that they are faking the sky in November and December. That doesn't mean simulation. I am watching a web cam and I am not claiming that I am down there and that sky even really looks like that. I am saying they are faking the sky in the video. Even if NASA faked the sky locally down there, that doesn't mean we live in a simulation and again, I said no such word.

Anyway he goes on and on with more crap and nonsense including I profited off a set-up Morgile and IPS conflict. I guess you have to be me to understand but I care so much about flat earth, that when I saw that those two were not going to see eye to eye, I called Jon and said if I get IPS on a show will you talk to him? And he said yes. Because that is how you do things. You don't be a little pussy like FE Reset or call everyone a liar or a shill or a scam or a setup like Dan Pratt. You bring people together and talk it out. It may work, it may not but it helps eliminate misunderstandings. So, I called IPS and said if I get Morgile on my show will you come talk to him, and he said yes. We scheduled it, I kinda hosted it and that's it. So, to hear some jackass know nothing say it was set-up and was a fake disagreement.... well, enough said. Flat Earth Reset is garbage at best.
So, since before then, I also got emails from people saying IPS was faking an art show. It wasn't faked at all. I have been hearing the rocket is fake for a month, and so far... nothing fake there... he needs a few things. Some heaters weren't heating correctly or some thing I have no clue I am not a daredevil who heats rocket steam. What people don't get is that most so-called truthers have lost all credibility with me. Like Dan Pratt. I no longer am subbed to Dan. His content is terrible. He yells and cries and then does an evil laugh and all he does day after day is accuse the same people of the same thing with no evidence and the stuff he calls evidence is just people being people. If you don't like Patricia Steere, don't watch her. You don't like Mark Sargent, don't watch. What is this first grade? People have been saying that Patricia is this, Mark is that, Oakley is this, I am working with this group or that group and that we are with the FBI or CIA or some other bullshit and it is all wrong. To be honest, Mark is a dork. Patricia does interviews. We are all just humans who believe the earth is flat. Dan Pratt has talked shit about me numerous times and he is wrong about it all. He kept saying that I said the rocket launch was the end all be all and I said no such thing and then claimed I was going to be responsible if something happened. What a joke. I would be just as pissed if nothing went down, I'd lose my $5 donation! But we will know whether it will happen or not eventually but what is not needed is that loud mouth making 6 videos a day going on and on like he knows shit. He doesn't. Did you talk to Mike before you called him a fraud? Of course not. Because he is wrong every day and nobody cares because they like the drama he incites. The hate that he brings upon good people and he is always WRONG. I am struggling to find the needed $2000 to fly my wife and I to the conference and I have to listen to people like Dan and others say I am making money from this? Give me a break. There is nothing of truth in anything these clowns spat. So, I don't trust those people to do good research at all. THE ROCKET is not fake. I told IPS on his show that he doesn't impress me anymore. That's the truth. At the beginning, I was impressed with his no drama, get things done attitude. So what if he attracted a wrench squad? All people want is a place where they feel comfortable and they are around like minded people. So, if IPS was providing them a place to hangout, who cares?
But the truth is that these scam porn pushers and guys calling other guys transsexual is so pathetic and cowardly it makes me sick. Yeah, accuse people of stuff they can't prove and neither can you. Nice job. That is some great research. With FE Reset and others calling Mad Mike a fake which is not true while saying that I am profiting on said launch, which is ridiculous... it is easy for me to ignore their many accusations toward IPS because look what they have said about me. It is painfully obvious to me that Dan Pratt has done zero for FE in the past year. FE Reset has done zero for FE period. IPS has had a billboard go up and put together a nice art show and so to me... I have no reason to trust in liars and scam porn pushers. I heard they called his family too. Is that true? Well, this is why I don't want to be involved in any of this. I believe the earth is flat and I believe a bunch of people care more about drama than that.


That being said, I noticed today that IPS has pulled the video where I had a conversation with him which included the link to have people get their money back. That isn't very comforting.  I also don't think I know IPS's real name. So, for now the jury is still out on what his exact intentions have been. But it is not right to make accusations against people until they are necessary. Even if he turns out to be a mason and a satanist, I owe Daniel Pratt or Flat Earth reset no apology because even a broken clock is right twice a day. When you call everyone who has ever made a video a shill, it isn't a surprise when you get one right. Fact is, I disagree with a lot of what IPS says and does but I understand that people are all different. So, I don't mind differences of opinions. If you are lying to people or scamming people, then I have a big problem with that and as far as that goes, I haven't seen the evidence to convict IPS of that yet. However, the jury is still out. The removal of the refund link after one day is suspect... but again, I am not going to accuse him yet. I am not like Dan Pratt and FE Reset who will accuse anyone of anything at anytime without a care in the world if they are wrong.


Everyone is responsible for themselves. They don't need those two guys to hold their hands. Maybe they do but I certainly don't, nor am I about to hold people's hands through this awakening. I will continue to be who I have been since day one. I am a guy who believes based on my research that we have been lied to about the fundamental fact of where we live. I will continue making videos about what I think and my opinions and save the drama for another day. I gather from my emails that perhaps Dan and FE Reset have more on IPS that I haven't seen and if that is the case, well they are like the boy who cried wolf. They have been wrong so many times that I can't even gather how they have any views. Perhaps it is because people love the drama and the infighting. I don't.  I wish that we could all come together and research and promote the fact that we don't live on a globe and that the powers that shouldn't be have been in a war for your mind for countless centuries and they are winning. They are winning because people don't look above them at those in charge anymore. They fall for the drama. They fall for the traps. They fall for the psy-ops. Sad thing is, Daniel Pratt used to know this. He used to preach this. But now he is just another sheep pointing fingers at the guys making art shows. Pointing fingers at guys putting up billboards. Pointing fingers and guys who have donation links on their YouTube videos. He forgot that he doesn't know everything. That the Government fears the hive mind. That they fear people coming together because what has he done for a year? Nothing but talk shit about every other flat earther. Congrats Dan. Personally, I miss the guy I promoted. He knew what we were up against. New Dan thinks IPS possibly faking a plane banner that IPS himself funded or thinking that someone is trying to steal $7500 when he has never even talked to Mike Hughes or else he'd know that the money is going to him. What do you think that the dare devil is just gonna run away with the money and the end of the world is upon us? Did you forget NASA steals $53,000,000 a day Dan? What is more important? Well, we know what you think is more important. Making videos about flatty patty and calling everyone shills. That's the way to bring us all together. That isn't what the elite want at all is it?


Sad that people cannot see the big picture. So, continue on... give the elite exactly what they want. Constant strife and bickering so you don't realize who runs your mind and your life. Well, if you need me I will be researching and making videos in an attempt to wake the sleeping masses. Call me whatever you want and sling your accusations to and fro... I have been dealing with it for well over a year... I'm used to it. I just ignore it because what good has Dan Pratt or FE Reset brought to anyone lately? That answer is easy. It's nothing.


 Anyone seen the old Dan lately? The one who got it?
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