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Thanks for thinking of supporting us. We could not possibly spend the time we currently do on our research if it wasn’t for the kind support of our patrons and those who donate.

When we first started this path, my wife and I knew we would need funding to conduct experiments and to travel to different places to investigate this world we live in so we started a GoFundMe page. We quickly learned that people didn’t like that. So, we had the page shut down and decided not to ask for any money. As time went on, we started to think of the possibilities and how much more we could do if we did receive support from just a few subscribers. Imagine the idea of 50,000 people giving $1 a month and how much faster and deeper we could go with that kind of budget. Granted, it is a total pipe dream, but the idea is right. If you have been watching me for a while now, I hope that at the very least, I might have at this point, earned your trust. Even if I found out tomorrow that the Earth is a globe, I would make videos showing exactly how we know. My goal is the truth. Period.

That being said, many people have expressed interest in supporting our efforts and so about a year ago we set up a Patreon page and we have a great group of patrons who support us with a monthly donation. If you’d like to take a look, you can get there by clicking HERE. If you’d like to donate, we’d be most grateful as it will help us spend more time on what we love and what we feel is our duty and less time on our regular jobs. Missa and I make ends meet by selling books through our site and buying and selling from Estate Sales and reselling unique and antique items. You can support us in a non-monetary way by sharing the videos you enjoy with your social media friends and family. It all helps so much. You can also click HERE or save it as a bookmark to use prior to shopping at Amazon. You pay the same amount but we get 2-3% for a large amount of products.

We appreciate you watching our videos, watching Globebusters or listening to Monday Night Raw on We wish we did this full time and as much as we love doing what we do and researching all that we can, we also understand that not everyone in this world can get paid to do what they love. So, if we aren’t able to make videos and research as much as we’d like, we are still excited to do it with any of our free time.

If you see value in the work we do, please consider signing up for a subscription to help support our work. A subscription is highly beneficial for us because it allows us to know what we have coming in. Otherwise we don’t know how much focus and time we can put in. Right now, we know we will be receiving a few hundred dollars from our Patreon supporters and the YouTube ads vary greatly… one month we saw a high of $700 but the next month was $240 so we never know. If you didn’t know, you are paid on YouTube for “clicked ads,” so even if you get 1,000,000 views, if no one clicked an ad, you get $0. So, we know we can do more and can travel and interview, test and experiment if we had the means to do so.

So, we have decided to see if our viewers WANT to support us in our work. We may learn that people can’t or don’t want to support us in that way. I always hear that truth should be free and I agree 100%. That’s why my videos will always be free as well as everything on the site and all my work. So, if you have $1 a month to spare or $2 or $5, please consider supporting us. You can help by clicking the Patreon link below or the PayPal subscription link. Of course you may cancel at anytime if you feel we are not earning the donation you have decided to give. All I can do is to give my word to those of you who support us with a few promises…

  1. I promise that we are a married couple. That our names are Jeran and Melissa Campanella and that we love to research and are on a mission to uncover the truth.
  2. I promise that we work for no one. We are not paid by any Government, faction, group or agency.
  3. I promise we will continue to live simply as we have been since we were married. We don’t buy new clothes, we don’t have cable or satellite TV, we don’t go out to eat or take vacations and we drive a 1995 Ford truck.
  4. I promise that we are the ones who decide what we research, which videos to make and which topics to cover. No donation will change that. In fact, I received my largest donation last year and immediately after, the donor asked me to cover a few topics in my videos. When I told him I didn’t do it that way, he asked for the money back and it was returned.
  5. I promise that I will always be honest and report my true feelings and findings and will use my videos to show you how I reached those conclusions by showing our own real research.
  6. I promise my videos will always remain free.
  7. I promise to never hold back any truth that we find.

So, if you see value in our work, I hope you please consider supporting us and trusting us to research and ask all the questions needed to ultimately get to the truth. We thank everyone in advance for considering a donation. We can only hope that one day we will be able to do what we love full time but until then we will always be devoting any of our available time and energy to uncovering the truth that has been hidden from all of us. We couldn’t do it without all your help.

To The Hater Community

To those of you who hate me and hate that we are challenging scientific “facts” and feel we are just “morons,” that’s fine… everyone is allowed their opinion. However,  our opinion is equally valid. As we search to better form our opinions and understanding of the world, we have asked those who WANT to help, if they’d be kind enough to support us. They, like you… can review my videos and decide if I am worth their support. If you have come to the conclusion that we are not worth it, that’s fine… our videos are free, you don’t have to donate a cent. You can even block me if you no longer wish to see my videos. The problem for us is that we have decided that NASA is not worthy of our support and yet, we are still required to give them our money and our children are required to learn their facts in school, even though we don’t even consider those things facts anymore. 

YouTube is a free platform and if you have an opinion that you’d like to voice, much like we do… you can make videos as well. If you would like to ask for support when making videos, go right ahead. Those who enjoy your videos or feel they are useful, can support you if they want. The people we have a problem with are those who do not ask for money but are handed our tax dollars, which have been taken from us without our permission. NASA gets $53,000,000 a day. So we are digging deep and researching this agency as well as other institutions that may not be completely honest with the money that they are taking from all of us. The difference between us and them, is that those who support us, choose to do so and when they do, they know what they are getting. If we stop producing results or acting in nefarious ways, they can immediately cancel their support. Well, I have yet to see that offer from NASA. Instead, they get $53 million dollars A DAY and still can’t provide a 24/7 live view of our home from space. There is not enough time on this earth for us to consume ourselves with hate. It festers and spreads throughout mankind and we are trying to change this and we apologize if you don’t like our appreciate our efforts.  


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