The Cosmonaut Cover-Up

It turns out Yuri Gagarin was not the first man in space, but was preceded by another Soviet cosmonaut who crash landed, was severely injured and his identity kept secret -- until now. The attached is a very interesting movie. As with most secrets that are let out, this movie has been "debunked." Whether or not you believe that is totally up to you. The basic premise is that Yuri Gagarin was not the first man in space. That it was actually Vladimir IlyushinIf you ask me, this is just another case of confusion where no matter which version you buy into, you believe in space. That is the ultimate hoax in my opinion. However, if anything... I would believe the conspiracy theory here as it has been shown numerous times that the Governments of both Russia and the USA lie whenever needed. If you click the video tab you can see other interesting videos such as the 2009 film called "Fallen Idol" which I can only find pieces of but not the entire film. The trailer is included in the video tab.

In the film there is a discussion of an NSA document and this particular scene has been screen captured and the image of the letter shows the following text:

"One document was located which is responsive to your request. Although the document does not directly relate to the topics of your request, it was found to be responsive because it refers in passing to a manned Soviet space flight… The document is classified because its disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave danger to national security, and is exempt from automatic declassification.”

Also, when on a forum regarding this issue, I saw the following comment:

"In 1968 I was at the US Air Force station in northern Pakistan. This was the base Francis Gary Powers took off from. I was talking with a 204 Russian linguist about the space launches from nearby Baikinour and specifically about Gagarin. The linguist said "he wasn't the first you know" and explained that Ilyushin had gone ahead of him but had crashed in China. He also mentioned several other failures in their manned space program. He said it was all on tape in his section. I worked next to these guys for 15 months, and I believe it to be the truth."

On that same site there was a debunking of the Ilyushin over Gagarin theory, a comment directed at the posts author stated,

"Jim, I see some inconsistencies between what you wrote here and some of your past comments on this very subject, namely:
1. You said in the past that no Vostok capsules were in orbit in the days preceding Gagarin's flight. You said that you knew all of the Soviet launches that took place in 1961. Now you are saying that a Vostok was in orbit, with a dog on board.
2. You said in the past that the Judica Cordiglia brothers of Italy could not have (as they claimed) picked up the heartbeat of a dying cosmonaut (in, allegedly, a failed secret space mission), because the Soviets did not broadcast the heartbeat of the cosmonauts (the audio from the cardiophone). Now you say that the Tern Island operator, whom I have known for over ten years, did pick up the heartbeat of a dog.
3. The Tern Island operator had sent to Prof. Haimoff a very detailed description of what he picked up, at a time when he believed such information to have been declassified. He had to erase his posts, etc, after being told that the matter was still classified. His comments on the "extreme danger" of the cosmonaut was based on information he received by Russian speaking observers who received the voice transmissions between a man and the ground stations. He clearly stated in his letter to Haimoff that he could hear a very distressed voice from the capsule. Now you claim the cosmonaut was a dog: it must have been a talking dog..... Why don't you publish the entire letter that the operator sent to Prof. Haimoff? I am sure you can get a copy, since you are in touch with the Tern Island operator. For the sake of truth.
Giovanni Abrate"

As always, it seems there is more to this story than meets the eye. Leave a comment with your opinion.

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