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It is a forgone conclusion at this point that you and I are going to always disagree on quite a few things. I hope at the very least, that you and I can agree on that. So, I just finished watching you guys debunking my video and even though I said I couldn't watch anymore... I wanted to give you all a chance to at least acknowledge that you were not debunking our show but basically debunking a strawman the entire time. Obviously, you guys again felt differently. This is ultimately the reason I have decided that it does no good to continue dialogue as the lies and twisting of the story happened yet again and the facts are moved slightly to make me out to be the bad guy. Again, why would I ever set myself up for this in the future. It doesn't matter what I get right, the goalposts are moved and I am called a liar.

So, becase part of me sees you attempting to be honest, I also think you are often under false assumptions which lead to your opinion that it is I again that am the one at fault. Below, if you'd be so kind as to read these few points and then do the research yourself on them to find out if the way you talked about me AGAIN in Red's hangout was deserved. Ultimately, you can still call me whatever you want and assume whatever you want but I feel when you realize the points below are not conjecture or my side of the story but are actual facts, then you may see how wrongly I have been portrayed. Because despite your personal opinion of my theory on the Earth's shape, my voice when I sing a parody (I admit I am terrible, sorry I try and enjoy myself a tad) or your opinion of my intelligence, I would think you would also agree on this point... we should all be pointing out each other's errors and mistakes but to tell lies and cast people in a light that is not deserved is not fair, it isn't right and it certainly won't help those looking to find the truth.

So, let me begin and I would love to hear your opinion on if you agree with these 5 statements or not. You can comment below if you have a Disqus account. So, in no particular order... these are just what is on my mind at the moment.

  • In regards to why the video was made if Red apologized. If you understood the actual order of events and the truth of the conversations that led to the hangout, then it would make sense. You guys are very good at altering facts and attempting to discredit me in the process. That's fine if that is your intent. So, by telling you the truth of the matter and showing it clearly, you will better understand how your opinion of me is being based off of lies. If you continue to tell them and refuse to admit your continued shifting of facts... so be it.
    • We did our Globebusters show.
    • You guys debunked it live.
    • After watching your debunking and seeing that we were not even listened to and we were all completely misrepresented, I Skyped Red asking him to remove the video. He asked why and I said it had issues all over and he said he'd call me. When he called he said, "calm down, it only had one mistake" and I laughed at him and said, "no it had many." That video needs to come down. He said he would re-watch it after but to come on a Hangout to talk boats with him and he would even apologize."  I said, "okay cool."
    • The next day I saw the video was still up and I Skyped Red again and said, "are you going to remove the video?" He said, "no, he wasn't."
    • I said, "well then I have to make a video showing people all the ways you guys lied, didn't listen and misrepresented us."
    • He said, "Okay, actually I demand you make a video because you misrepresented Wolfie and so we will use your video as evidence" (or something like that - it is in my video)
    • I even showed the Skype conversation to point out that the reason I made the video was because I asked Red to remove it and he said no and demanded I make it.
    • So Shawn, once you see the above timeline... me making the video was exactly as I was told to do and as I announced I would do. That is fine by me. Red chose to keep the video up and not pull it. In response I said I would make a video and he said he wanted me to.   --Can you not see that what happened after my video came out was again a total distortion of facts by Red and the crew? You make me out to be petty, as if I pulled some sucker move. Why would I accept a 15 second half apology for three hours of lies and pseudo debunking in which he lied and didn't listen to any of the three of us, not just me. I am not going to take that apology and allow that video to remain up with nothing out there pointing out the "intellectual honesty" or lack there-of.  All in all, if you watch the most recent Red hangout again, watch how I am trashed for doing what I said I would. To think that you guys all thought that because of an apology, that I would at that point no longer care about the 3 hours of Red laughing and claiming I said the plane was a hoax, not to mention the Bob issues, and the misrepresentation of what I or any of us said o is simply crazy and another distortion of facts. I am all for debunking if the people debunking me can at least debunk what I say... not made up straw men arguments.
  • If you go back and watch my video again, you will see that I never placed any portion of Red talking after any portion as you claimed at the end of your debunking.  Here is the order of events as they took place this time.
    • I made plane video.
    • I discuss plane on Globebusters
    • During debunking, Red continuously does not hear me at all and claims I think it is a hoax.
    • You join the hangout and speak up for me (in a small way) not saying anything at all like, "hey Red, you guys were mistaken" or "earlier you guys had it wrong" you simply said that I called it a real event and I was respectful at first then not in the end.
    • No one even recognizes what you say because they don't listen.
    • Red starts telling me I am a crazy conspiratard. Making fun of Clues Forum saying it is bullshit as if I had promoted it and not just said the exact same thing. Cara says I don't know that good and bad things happen. Same with Microblog and other guy.
    • So I stated, at this point... YOU were the ONLY one who had seen my video. You had already shown that you understood the fact that I said the event was real despite getting shit from all the Flat Earthers who felt it was a hoax. You had also listened to the hangout earlier so you knew what was going on.
    • HERE is where I lost all respect for you. If you believe I stole balloon money, I can understand that. If you thought I lied about the Air Show... I can see that. If you honestly did know that Bob had a son Jaren and that your video was made as some sort of trap, I can even see that. I know two of them to be untrue and one of them seems like a lie to me but that doesn't really show me that you are a piece of shit. You have your doubts regarding my sincerity and all and I understand that. BUT I can't understand how you can claim facts and science and evidence and yet you still allowed them to totally incorrectly trash my name. If you want to trash my flat earth belief... go ahead. That is based off fact. I think that the Earth is not a ball. I believe it is a deception. I say flat because what else could it be, but I do not know what the shape of Earth is. I simply see some deceptions and little to no actual proof for something that was taught as an absolute fact. You may see it totally different. So be it. If I had to put a million dollars on it, I would without a blink, drop every penny on flat. It is okay if you guys have issues with that. That is the point. I want to know if I am wrong. But again... YOU sat there and deep down inside I know you had an inner struggle. And you just allowed it to continue even as Red went into a discussion on what if my family were on the plane... that I'd feel differently. I mean that is low Shawn. You let him say he wouldn't feel bad at all if I lost my family in a crash. I even gave a moment of silence in my video in which I claimed that IF it were me on the plane and I had died, it would be the least they could do for me since they were about discuss my death in an investigative way. I also don't think my video was the least bit offensive or distasteful but that is subjective so it is what it is.
    • FINALLY you guys had your debunking II video, at the end, the video is showing how Red goes off again and I pointed out that you sat there and did nothing. You asked Red, "is he playing that from earlier?" and Red said yes and you jumped all over my case calling me names and claiming how dishonest I was. Do you not see how you keep doing the same thing? That WAS NOT from earlier. Every portion of the video was played as it was delivered in the debunk video. At the end of Globebusters, when we each say our farewell, I told people to do the research on it and then Red jumped on it again while you sat there and allowed it. That's fucked up in my book. That makes you a deceiver and honestly... you had an opportunity to stand out in my book as the honest guy you claim to be and you failed that test big time. Go back and watch again. I'd love to hear your apology or whatever you may make up this time, maybe it was another trap. You are good at those.
  • The fact that you do not say something about Red's claim that "Gravity has nothing to do with the shape of the Earth" again shows me you have no stake in truth. You are as I have said from day one, a fan boy. I knew this about Red, but honestly Shawn... I saw something in you that actually led me to believe that truth and credibility were of some importance to you. But to watch you clowns try and allow him to back out of the dumbest statement ever was cringe-worthy. Red always says he admits his mistakes, give me a break. What do you think the final tally would be if we asked 50 random people and 50 scientists the question, "Does gravity have anything to do with the shape of the Earth?"  The score would be 95+ out of 100 saying YES and you know that. Yet you sit there quiet because truth is not important to you. Microblog as well. Go back and listen to his backing of Red. He actually said, that if we lived in another dimension, where things were different and gravity had different laws that the gravity would not have to be involved to make Earth. What the hell is that? Not one of you said, "Hey, that's not an applicable excuse in this situation or is it ever!"
    • How can you people claim to be about truth?
    • How can you allow someone to change dimensions to prove a point?
    • I can then say that unicorns the size of Chicago all dance on our heads, and when you say, "No they don't idiot" can I then just say well, in another dimension where weight doesn't exist and unicorns are present they would dance on our heads? Is that considered a sound argument? OF COURSE NOT, but you'll jump on me for saying lens cap instead of lens piece or eye piece. Thanks Shawn. You sure are intellectually honest.
  • In regards to my telescope claim because you guys were close to understanding my position but still not quite close enough. I understand how telescopes work and I know that light is bent and sent around off mirrors just as a theodolite or camera works. My point is and has remained, that when I look into an eye piece that I see the curving of the items I see. They fish-eye the images around me. I did say sphericalled and I know you all think that is so funny. But I said over and over again, things are bent away from the observer. So when you clowns go on and on about the rings of Saturn, newsflash, they are being away from the observer.
    • I had a telescope and once I saw that I no longer trusted them. When asked, I will tell the truth over and again... I do not trust them personally because I cannot be sure that the light is being corrected at the eye piece. Yes, we are told it is, but the slightest difference will give people the illusion of spheres when in fact maybe they are point light sources or flat disks in the sky. I do not want to be fooled so I no longer trust telescopes to tell me what people say they do. That's my opinion and I am allowed to have it. If you want to trust in something that has only been in reality for 400 years and by itself caused the entire world to "see" things differently and upturned our idea of reality go right ahead.
    • If you think a few pieces of glass take our eyesight from what is at most a few hundred miles while in an airplane to the 15,865,696,000,000,000,000,000 miles you think you can see with a great telescope is mind numbing ignorance in my book. Yes, I know what physics says. But I no longer fall for liars. I would bet every dollar I have that stars are not, cannot, will not become or ever have been suns.
    • But to return to the point. I do say that telecope eye pieces distort the incoming image and you would agree. I think it doesn't correct it as it should and that's where we differ. You trust men. I know men lie. Yes priests and pastors but Red, you and science as well.
  • Last thing for now because it really is no use. I expect a response from you or Red saying how wrong I am again and twisting facts because all I said here is backed up 100% by facts so sure, go twist them and enjoy. The last thing is my plane statement and I have a problem with saying all and assuming that people know and understand that it is against the law for one company to provide all windows for all jets everywhere. I do not just search google and take the top result. Being they are far and away the leader in the industry in such a wide margin that I said "all", where would you expect them to end up?  Here are some docs for you to read but basically, Airbus, Boeing and Tupoloev mainly manufacturer the wide-body and narrow-body jet airliners, while Bombardier and Embraer concentrate on regional airlines. In order to make an aircraft the manufacturers have to source a number of different and unique parts to be able to construct the aircraft. There is a large network of specialized parts suppliers throughout the world that support the requirements of these manufacturers, who sometimes only provide the initial design and final assembly in their own plants. The windows to MOST of these TOP 5 planes comes from one company. I only stated that perhaps something was up. I never said, as you put it that plane windows cause the earth to show curvature from high altitude. I know that when people think they see a curve they are seeing in a circle around them. That's all. But, I don't think it is a stretch to say that the 3 panes of glass couldn't add a tiny bit of help in the fake the curve business. There are five major manufacturers of civil transport aircraft these include:

    Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and Tupoloev

    Notice it says, "GKN has been selected to supply cabin windows for all recently launched commercial aircraft programs.

Notice the image states that these windows have been in 100% of Boeing planes since 1996 and all Airbus Long range.

Notice the image states which aircraft use these windows and then search the percentages of each of these planes and you will see that very few "others" remain

These two images are from a PDF you can download CrystalVueII-Technical-Supplement (2)

So, lastly... Shawn I would love a response or your opinion on the few points that I made above. If you have no interest, no problem. As I said, I have lost all respect for you... the tank is empty. So, one way of looking at it is, my opinion can't be less. It can only improve. Although I am fairly certain you could care less about my opinion so all in all no harm no foul. You can continue to talk about honesty and facts while actually taking part in none of it. I will continue to do as I have done... be honest about my opinions and my research. If you don't like it, I don't care. Just because someone told you that we live on a ball doesn't make it fact. Just because the angular size of the sun varies only a few degrees doesn't mean you live on a ball. And just because you think you know where you live does not excuse the fact that your evidence of curvature is a lot like your credibility at this point... nowhere to be found.