March 2018


Evolving - Patron Only LIVESTREAM #1

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testing one two


Stephen Hawking Fakes Experiments In Attempt To Prove The Globe

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You have reached the section of the website exclusively for Patrons.  It is easy to join and for only $5 a month, you will have immediate access to all of the content that is for ...


The Heliocentric Hoax Written by James V. Forsee

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On occasion I find something pretty interesting. Today it is an article from 1998 by James V. Forsee. One of the most interesting parts is the "notes" he lists at the bottom as many pages ...


All It's Cracked Up To G

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The letter G. Think about it for a second. Gee-wiz Wally. Talk about my LEAST favorite letter. What is it really representing? More important than that maybe... why do we see it constantly? I can't ...