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2024 Predictions


Your 2024 Predictions

Lazarus Arisen
A false flag event will happen that will prevent elections.


Another round of lock down attempts will happen in Sept 2024


The Nephelim will return


The IDF will make a humiliating retreat


2024 DEAGEL report will play out and 230 million people will succumb to War, Bad Vaxx, Sleeper cell migrants, Reginald conflicts w Russia vs USA China invades Taiwan USA doesn't help


Leo Crow
They push water shortages in a way we have never seen before


J3r3my A
The worst earthquake to hit California will kill 54k people 2024


Amajor space accident like the challenger. gotta put the fear back in to people about going into space. space x going to do a sacrifice 🤪


Justin Johnson
Biggest scare (false flag)of all times coming 2024


Lazarus Arisen
Banks will close from a false flag hack


​Jeran and I will be on a live show with over 50k watching live


Mitch McFreeze will happen again


alexis Tsipras of Greece will assume secretary of NATO position soon and both wars will stop and all people will love the wrong person


Susan H
Holographic Alien Invasion


Liz The Iron Maiden
Alien invasion 👽🛸👾


john Blah
Trump survives an assassination attempt/fake Airplane 'disaster'


Deep Dive
China Taiwan USA war will start


Leo Crow
I also predict "professor" dave debates austin and gets stomped in 2024.


Lazarus Arisen
The dollar will become worthless in just a few months to bring about the CBDC.


I predict the most devastating tornado in history. Also a person will fight for their right to marry an A.I. which gives rise to world debates about ai equality/consciousness.


john Blah
Owen Big Bear will get arrested


Marco Valdez
I think Michael Jordan will die this year


Jacob's *HEX* Ladder


One of the scientism priests, like NDT, Bill or Brian will have a live interview with a prominent flat earther and be destroyed with logic. The video will be removed ASAP...


Justin Johnson
Big mike will run for pres.


Greta Thunberg will declare she's trans, and rumors will say she did it because she saw Dylan making so much more than her


Owen will become a Bitcoin maxie


Liz The Iron Maiden
I’ll go out on a limb @Jeranism King Charles will die


Lazarus Arisen
Power grid will go down and we will not have a show next year to see who was right about these predictions.


john maclean
Negotiations will begin to move Israel to Ukraine


Mississippi River will rip open creating a sea dividing America on April 8th 2024*


john Blah
X will project its logo on the Moon


I predict the moon mission rocket will go 💥


A transgender will go too space


Mark Shirey
A fake alien invasion goes horribly wrong


Member (2 months)
Meltology and Delism will become mainstream


Andrew B
I meant that the US will be involved in another major deployment of troops, such as happened in 2002 in Iraq


frits duisters
I think the Giants will buy your pinball machine in 2024.


I predict I get $12,500 for the pinball.


They'll continue the "eat the bugs" agenda, and openly advertise bugs in some foods


walkin Axyl
Bill Gates will make all countries use his water from poop machine and then hook up within pharma for disintery meds


Susan H
Marshal law will be declared due to uncontrolable food theft


Sim Kla
That war will spread, Syria taken on and Damascus demolished


I predict the summer heat will be so bad the US Declares a state of emergency


something from the sky will hit earth


Andrew Baker
I predict the summer heat will be so bad the US Declares a state of emergency


Joe Biden is going to fall dead during a speech and Kamala Harris is going to be the next president.