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Thanks for stopping by my site. Here is a little info on jeranism. No, it is not a religion. It is simply my name with "ism" added at the end. Think of it more as a new way of thinking. An abandonment of the things we were taught that can't be backed by evidence and facts. My goal is to teach people to use their own heads and to STOP believing everything they hear without first finding out for themselves!

We need to face the facts. We have been lied to in almost every aspect of our lives. The truth has been right in front of us the entire time and this site and my YouTube channel are meant to accomplish one goal and that is to have every single person open their mind and to challenge what we were taught not to challenge. Those who have deceived us have done so by teaching us that we're smart only if we believe in evolution, space travel, mathematics and particle physics. They taught us that you were stupid if you believed in conspiracy theories like 9/11, the Apollo moon hoax, Sandy Hooke, God and a Flat Earth. This has allowed them to run this earth the way they want and for their own gains and profits. And the world is worse because of it.

I'm here to change that! Through my research, I've uncovered lies and deceptions that have been taught as truth and they are far worse than anyone could have imagined. By opening your mind and attempting to verify what you always had accepted as fact you can begin to see you live in a world of mass illusion. NASA has lied about space, science has lied about evolution and mathematics do not prove reality. As a former Catholic, who broke free and moved towards atheism, I quickly saw that both science and religion, were nothing more than groups of men imposing their way of life and beliefs on others. They are both so stuck in their dogmatic beliefs that they are guilty of no longer thinking for themselves. So I began my personal search. I am not content with repeating what I am told to repeat. I started with the self learned fact that has become evident in my life: Never, ever believe or trust men. Unfortunately, we all fell for the lies and a make believe world taught to us by NASA.  These Freemasons and their good ol’ boys clubs have stolen our tax dollars, taught us lies since we were children, forced these lies on us as we got older and spend every day concealing the truth.

I am on a mission to bring down these deceivers that have a majority of the population worshiping them even though they have spent billions, even trillions on faking space instead of spending that money on a true investigation of the world we live. Instead they stole it while telling us they spent it on pointless rovers, non existent satellites and hoax missions. Open your eyes... Stop the lies! I am happy and thankful that you are here to checkout my site.  Thanks so much!