All It's Cracked Up To G

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The letter G. Think about it for a second. Gee-wiz Wally.

Talk about my LEAST favorite letter. What is it really representing? More important than that maybe... why do we see it constantly? I can't wait to see the comments of all the ones I missed. Let's start simple. The G in the Freemason logo could be God or Geometry or Gravity. G is SOL which is the 5th tone of the musical scale. do re, mi, fa, SOL, la, ti. the syllable used for the fifth tone of a diatonic scale, the tone G...of course, SOL is also the name of our sun in Spanish.

"G (Maya) The sun god is recognized by his filed front teeth. How about products that use the letter like Gatorade, Yo, G what's happening? what's up G? Tons of slang and short hand associated with the letter 'G'? We got G-man, G-string, G-spot, G-force, G-class stars, G-20 nations, G-Unit (the rap star), G'day, Ali G, we got Big G, G-File, Warren G, Kenny G, and G-Shock. It seems to be ever pervasive in the rap culture, but is it really because it stands for 'gangster'? I think it has to do with the secret society clowns of freemasonry. You know the one's, dressing up like they are important and wearing aprons.Which which uses the 'G' in its logo. A jester is a Je-ster or a G-star. A jester is someone known for playing tricks on people. Loki, or Lucifer, was the trickster god. And Lucifer, which is Latin and means 'light bearer'and according to the Bible is said to masquerade as an angel of light. Jesus is G-Zeus or the sun god. Jeez Louise is a pun on Lucifer. Even the group the Bee Gees (said to be an acronym for the brothers Gibb) could be a pun for being g's or stars. Who knows, I was just placing books in our new spot for all our pdf's and saw some info on Freemasons and had to write this.

Just was throwing it out there.





We will visit this again soon. By the way, if you wear an apron. STOP. Throw it away and step away from the cult.