Welcome to the jeranism Crypto Consultation scheduling page. Below you will find the scheduling tool, where you can select an upcoming date and time for a one on one consultation or a group class. You can pay with credit card during the sign-up process below or one of many different payment methods. If you sign up at Patreon here and pay for a year. You can apply that payment towards your consultation.

For example. A 2 hour consultation is $130 which would be due now. Or you can go to Patreon and sign up for the $15/mo tier and choose to pay for the year. You will get 2 months free and be charged $150. You could then apply that payment here and would be getting the consultation for free PLUS you are then a Patron for an entire year and get in to all of the classes for free. For the one on one consultations we will be using StreamYard for the appointment so you can join from your PC or from your phone. There is nothing to download, just click the link that will be provided in your confirmation email. In the sign up form, please use the notes section to tell me anything you want to let me know. (Your current knowledge level, what you want me to focus on, your goals.) For details about the different consultation durations and other notes, please continue reading this page.


First thing you need to decide is what consultation duration you are interested in. A half hour will be enough if you just have a few questions or need advice about setting up a wallet, making a payment or want to learn how to do so privately. Maybe you would just like to verify that you are doing everything correctly. If that is you, 30 minutes should be plenty.

The hour will be enough to get you set up with a wallet, teach you how to use it, how to send and receive, explore the blockchain and possibly discuss a few other coins. The two hour consultation will be for someone who wants to hear lots of options about privacy, security and a little more in-depth conversation about those particular nuances. Maybe you have questions about Monero and other coins as well. It really depends though. If you are not sure which length of time you need, please reach out to me through Patreon messaging and we can come up with a plan together and you can book when ready. Also, if we need to do multiple sessions, we can do that as well.

If you are trying to use a hardware wallet, you may need to buy one first and have it delivered so that we can install it and use it during the consultation. It really depends though. If you are not sure which length of time you need, you should become a Patron so you can message me easily and we can come up with a plan together and you can book when ready. Also, if we need to do multiple sessions, we can do that as well. If you are not a Patron then you can use the contact page and I will try to get back to you.


Please see pricing below. You can also become a Patron and pay for the year and I will allow you to use that payment to pay for the consultation. This is the best deal. $10 and up Patrons get into all group classes for free and get a copy of all class video and audio. Otherwise, the prices can be found below if you’d rather not become a Patron. If you look around, you will see this kind of service can be very expensive. But I have tried to keep my price reasonable and I think you will agree my services will be well worth it.

Please pay at sign-up unless it is a group class and you are a $10 Patron or you have made arrangements with me. For non Patrons, the current prices are below. Or sign-up for $5 a month but pay the yearly price which includes two months free. This way you would pay $50, you’d be a Patron for an entire year and this would allow you a 30 minute consultation including a $10 tip! If you want an hour, maybe sign up for the $10 level and pay for the year or for a free two hour consultation sign up at Patreon for $15/mo and pay for the year.

If not interested in being a Patron, please pay the price below when scheduling. If the price seems high, you should see the price elsewhere. Searching Google you can go here and pay $300/hr or you can try here and pay $325/hr or you can go here and pay $350/hr with a 2 hour minimum or maybe this guy here who is charging $450/hr also with a 2 hour minimum. Or you can see the value in what I am offering and recognize you are most likely not going to find a better bargain and I would go as far as to say that I bet I do a far better job anyway. Remember, if you are on this page, you probably know me already and are not paying to chat with a stranger.

1/2 Hour: $40
1.0 Hour: $70
2.0 Hour: $130
3.0 Hour: $190


I am not a financial advisor or tax specialist. I cannot tell you how to invest your money. It is up to you to create a plan that is within reason and only you know your current financial situation. If you ask me questions, I will only be able to tell you what I would do but please remember you are responsible for everything you do with your money. As with all investments (and this is the most important sentence on this page) never invest more money than you are willing to lose. It is a new technology, still in its infancy and it is highly speculative. The market is quite volatile and has the potential for unbelievable gains and stunning corrections and losses. No one can predict what might happen a month or five years down the road. It is not a get rich quick scheme.

The important part is that you learn to understand the technology. That’s really the value here. Anyone who does not grasp the blockchain and the sending, receiving and securing of digital currencies will soon be quite behind the rest of society. I do have good news, if you learn now, you will certainly be ahead of the pack.

Why Jeran?

Because you can trust me. There are people out there who would do anything to steal from you. This makes navigating the initial learning phase of Bitcoin a little scary because you don’t know who to trust or who to ask questions. I have a good knowledge of the technology and enough experience with it that I will be able to show you the nuts and bolts of obtaining, transacting and securing your crypto investment. I also can teach and explain things at a pace that is comfortable for you. You are free to ask me any questions and have me expand on things you don’t understand. Also, when it comes to “being your own bank” security becomes a big deal. I can offer you a little comfort that many first timers don’t get the luxury of. You will be secure from the start and not have a feeling of constant doubt.

Security will be a main topic of our conversation but I will never ask to see your private keys or your seed words. I will not ask for passwords or any personal info. You will handle all that from your side and I will just walk you through it. As a reminder and a very important one, ANYONE or ANY SITE who asks for your seed words is trying to steal from you. I will expand on this during our meeting.

I also will always adhere to a very strict non-disclosure policy and will keep all your personal details confidential. I will request that you do the same. If you choose to share things I tell you, make sure the person you are telling thinks it came from you and not me. I do not want you to get part of it wrong and it somehow come back to me. Also, another thing that is important to make clear, I am doing this because I believe privacy is a human right. That is why I am happy to teach you how to do this safely. However, I am not doing this to help you launder money or commit any crime. If any such thing is mentioned, I will end the consultation at that moment. If you need help with committing fraud or laundering money, you can reach out to the Federal Reserve Bank and see if they will give you some tips or methods they have used for over 100 years to drown this nation in debt and slavery. But if you simply want to acquire Bitcoin and transfer it to a wallet as a store of value no different than buying gold and stacking it in your closet, then I am happy to teach you how to do that.


Please make sure to be on time for your appointment. Please be sure to write your questions down so you have them ready for the consultation. Also make sure you tell me in the notes section of the sign-up form if there is a major reason you are booking this consultation. Please remember to contact me first if you are wanting to order a hardware wallet. This works best for Patrons who can contact me through the app and get an immediate reply. I will tell you which I suggest and you can order it and receive it and then schedule an appointment. If you have any questions beyond this, please contact me first on Patreon and then schedule the consultation after we talk.

You Might Need The Following

Depending on what length of consultation you choose and what you intend to learn or do on that day, you might need the following items. You might need none. Just take a look before our appointment and be ready in case these things are needed. I won’t need any of this but you might. For example, to buy Bitcoin through Coinbase, you will need several of the things below since they require KYC documents, no different than if you tried to open a bank account at Wells Fargo. For some, they are okay with this and for small to medium investments, I see no problem with it. For others, who may be more privacy focused, we can discuss the other options.

1. Your debit/credit card.
2. Your phone.
3. Your laptop, PC, iPad, tablet etc.
4. Your ID.
5. Proof of address document like a utility bill.
6. Bank info, account number and routing number. Online banking password.

I will not need any of this. Again, anyone asking you for these items is more than likely trying to steal from you. What is good to remember is that while Bitcoin transactions are pseudonymous – the “on and off ramps” as they are called (banks, exchanges, Coinbase, credit card processors, etc.) are not. These providers (especially in the USA) need to adhere to government and banking KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. They don’t have a choice. We can discuss this in detail during the consult.

Things I Can Help With

I can help with any of the following and much more! If you need to learn something that isn’t listed here, message me on Patreon and ask away.

1. A Bitcoin introduction as to why it is important and groundbreaking.
2. A personal approach in regards to your situation and your intentions.
3. Signing up to purchase Bitcoin on an exchange.
4. Helping you choose the exchange that best works for you.
5. Recommend places to buy locally.
6. Explain how Bitcoin ATM’s work and search for one near you.
7. Recommend places to buy. Those that are KYC and the others.
8. Hands on guidance with making an actual purchase.
9. Explaining your Bitcoin wallet seed phrases and how to keep them secure.
10. Teaching you how to create a cold storage or paper wallet.
11. Installation and use of a Ledger or Trezor cold storage wallet.
12. Backup of your Bitcoin wallet private keys to a USB stick.
13. How to keeping your Bitcoin private keys secure.
14. Explain hot and cold wallets.
15. Warning you of mistakes that have caused other people to lose their coins.
16. Explaining web wallets and how to use them.
17. Hands on guidance to sending your first transaction.
18. Installation of Bitcoin wallets on your mobile device and desktop wallets.
19. Buying Bitcoin easily with the Cash App and how and where to send it once you do.
20. Discuss various wallet types and which matches your personal need.
21. Create as many Bitcoin addresses as your heart desires.
22. Open and transfer your coins to your secure wallets.
23. Help you understand the different levels of security and types of wallets.
24. Swap various crypto currencies and tokens.
25. Teach you which coins are privacy focused and which are not.
26. Point you in the right direction if you seek investment advice or strategy.
27. Give you peace of mind during your setup.
28. Teach you how to recognize scams or potential fraud.
29. How to navigate the blockchain ledger.
30. How to accept Bitcoin if you are a business.
31. Show you some good websites and forums to learn more.
32. Discuss various alt coins and their possible potential.
33. Discuss alt coins that are often called “shit coins” for a very good reason.
34. Explain ICO scams.
35. Talk about password length and complexity.
36. Discuss the importance of the Blockchain.
37. Talk about why Bitcoin is secure and the chances that level of security changes.
38. Lots more, just ask.

One thing that has come up a few times in my previous consultations is day trading and Bitcoin arbitrage which is the process of buying Bitcoins on one exchange and selling them at another, where the price is higher. If you know anything about me, it is that I do not have money to be throwing around trying to make money trading various alt coins or messing with long and short positions or speculation. This is possible on derivatives exchanges that offer futures, options and contracts for differences as well as other derivatives. If these are the topics you are interested in, you’ll need to find another person to help you. While I may understand it, I have never done it and so my advice about it would be no help to you. These consultations are centered more around the required basic knowlede, the acquisition, storage, security and use of Bitcoin and other crypto coins. Something I have plenty of experience doing.

Most important of all however will be the attention to detail regarding the safety of your investment. Search Reddit or Google and you will see thousands of people who have lost coins for one reason or another. I will teach you things that most people have to learn the hard way. I will make it quite clear, that when you own crypto, what you really own is a private key – and you will understand the importance of keeping it safe. Ledger offers some of the best possible devices because your key is protected on the device but there are other more expensive options and cheaper ones as well. As I said, you can hold your coins on a napkin if you wanted, however I do not suggest doing so. I will give you my best advice so that a year or 10 years or 50 years down the road, you can still access any coins you haven’t yet spent or sold.

I hope to see you soon if you are interested in this service.