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Are you ready to debate?

Once you decide your topic,  then reach out to me at Telegram via It is free and you can use your phone or PC.  You can also join the Telegram group at  You can also email debatism(at) 

If you already have your opponent, fantatstic! Just reach out to me at and let me know the topic and who is your opponent, I will then give you some open dates and times. You can also go to the Telegram group or email us at debatism(at)

Yes, for now the show will be on Tuesdays at 3pm PT/6pm ET

I can accomodate other days if Tuesday does not work for you.

Currently several people are looking for opponents. Join the Telegram group to find those loooking to debate or send us an email asking for a list. Email us at debatism(at)

You can find the current layout below. To sign up to debate, please start at the top of these FAQ


1. No-shows will not be asked back.
2. You agree to turn in your questions and claims to me before your debate by the time agreed. Currently 7pm the Sunday evening prior to your debate. Unless you and your opponent agree to debate blind.
3. You will be on your best behavior and always yield to the moderator.
4. You agree to be on camera.
• Each debater will get one "2 Minute Takeover" to use at anytime. It causes the other person to be muted and gives that person the floor for two minutes, uninteruppted. Only can be used once. Can be used at anytime. Even during opening. Use as strategy or save to interject during conclusion.
• Each debater may ask for additional time twice and will receive a full minute. After the two are used no more time extentions.
WELCOME  [5 min] Coin Toss A vs. B. Winner will select to go 1st or 2nd. (A wins and goes 1st below)

INTRO [10 min]  Statements: A will give 3 min intro. B will give a 1 minute response. B will give a 3 min intro and A will give a 1 minute response. These need to be a few attention-grabbing lines that each presents, to sum up their point of view and convey their primary points. This is not where specific information is shared. Here, debators will simply state why their side of the argument is correct. For example, 'this is true because of X and Y and Z which I will show conclusively tonight.
3 QUESTIONS: [15 min]  A will have 1 minute to ask B a question. It should be direct and not be multiple questions in one. B will answer in 1 minute. Moderator can ask for clarification. B will ask A a question in 1 minute and A will respond. Repeat twice more until each has asked 3 questions.
4 CLAIMS: [50 min] A will make a claim and provide evidence to back it up. He has 2 mins. B will give a 1 min response to the claim. A and B will have open dialogue for up to 5 min. B will make a claim and provide evidence to back it up. He has 2 minutes. A will reply in one minute and then open dialogue for up to 4 mins. Repeat three more times until each has presented 4 claims.
CONCLUSION [5 min] A will give a 2 minute closing statement and B will make a 2 minute closing statement.
SUPER CHAT QUESTIONS  [? min] Answer Super Chat Questions
Latest Edit
10/17/23: Took claims from 3 mins to 2 mins.