Just saddens me that we live in a world where things like this are allowed to happen. Yes, I get it, perhaps this could have happened in the wild… but that isn’t the point. Perhaps they were angry and frustrated at the way we humans treat them. It is deplorable and should be outlawed immediately.  This is not sport.  Viewer discretion is advised as this is no fun to watch.

Animal Cruelty is NOT Entertainment! Those of you who think it is… need to look at yourselves and the type of thing you are paying to see. In rodeos and bull riding competitions, these animals are often found to have horrific injuries that are often internal. Many of these animals are then discarded from rodeos and sent to slaughter. I mean really folks… is this entertainment or animal abuse? Painful electric prods, spurs, and bucking straps are used to irritate and enrage the animals used in rodeos. Perhaps the most heartbreaking damage at rodeos, though, is to young calves who are mercilessly hurt for entertainment. And after their torture, these broken baby animals are dragged off to the slaughterhouse. It’s time this cruel sport be outlawed in the United States. And don’t think I only have issues with the way animals are treated at these rodeo events. The way we treat animals as a human species is a disgrace.

Circus animals are also treated terribly during their training, during performances and throughout their lives. They endure travel 50 weeks a year usually in small trailers where they are uncomfortable and cramped. They are a part of forced separation of herds and babies, being chained 20 hours a day in restrictive caging and subject to coercive training methods. The use of electric shock, whips, chemical burning agents, and not to mention bull hooks and branding irons as these are all part of standard operating procedure. Everything natural about these beautiful species is denied them in circus life. Many of these animals die prematurely. Initial training of these wild animals, many of them from endangered species, includes some of the most brutal acts against animals. For example, baby elephants are taken from their mothers at very young ages, chained, and beaten for days. They either die or become “trainable”.

What about zoos? Don’t get me started! The all to prevalent “roadside attractions”, petting zoos, aquariums, and water parks are all filled with animals who languish in boredom, live in cramped quarters, and suffer great fear and loneliness. And they die at much earlier ages than their normal life expectancy. Further, many animals in entertainment end up in horrible research labs after they are no longer cute and cuddly. The cute, young primate you see in a TV ad will no doubt end up in some horrible lab or zoo cage. So, when you see ads that use animals, contact the station or magazine and let them know you want them to stop adding to the suffering of animals.

Why the hell are we sending space crafts to Jupiter to explore unknown “planets” when we have no idea how to even come close to taking care of ours?