Although the support options are dwindling, some still remain!

Hello! Thanks for visiting my support page. I can’t thank you enough for considering supporting my efforts, nor can I express my extreme gratitude to those who have already supported.

With YouTube now demonetizing, delisting and hiding flat earth and conspiracy related content, I’ve never needed your support more than I do now. I used to be an Amazon Affiliate but last year, Amazon removed my account with no warnings, just an email saying they were ending the relationship and terminating my account. Shortly after that, I was banned by PayPal as well, so I can no longer accept donations or use any of their banking features. This was also done with no reason other than them stating that they no longer wished to do business with me. Most recently dLive “Home of the cucks” has demonetized my channel and no longer allows me to accept donations on their platform.

So, as time goes on, the ways of supporting me are reducing. However, there are still ways you can donate or support if you choose to, especially with the rise of cryptocurrencies. The donation methods are for those people who enjoy my work, recognize my honesty, appreciate it and wish to help fund my continued journey. The best way to support my channel, this website and the work I continue to do is to become a Patron here. You will instantly receive access to this entire website and all the content on it as well as be able to message me through the Patreon app or website. If looking for just a simple monthly donation or a one-time donation, doing so with your credit card is also available by clicking here.

I enjoy making videos and providing live streams to an appreciative and growing audience but it doesn’t pay the bills. YouTube continues to issue strikes and demonetize videos that go against the mainstream narrative. As you know, that includes almost all of what I do. Asking questions that others are afraid to ask. Patreon allows me to reach out to you, the individual viewer to ask for support. That support will allow me to continue providing you with the content you enjoy. I thank you for whatever support you can give.

To send a letter, check or anything else you can imagine via the mail, please address it to

jeranism PO Box 3044 Merced, CA 95344

(To send that letter for only $0.02, see my video here)


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Thanks so much for your support!