Obviously, I am getting a ton of emails regarding my YouTube channel. I am guessing you have the same question: “What happened to your YouTube channel ‘jeranism’ with 151,000 subscribers?” Well, this past week the channel was attacked and was on the verge of being deleted by YouTube. If that happened, all the videos and the channel would be gone with no way to recover it. It took 5 and a half years to build that channel and I’d rather keep it for a bit longer if at all possible. I realize it is not a matter of “if” I will be removed from YouTube, but “when.” So, I am in the process now of figuring out a way to get people to find me on a new platform. Keeping my channel will allow me to do that. So, what exactly took place and why so quickly?

On October 20, 2020 I received a copyright takedown strike on a video over a year old. I have discussed the people who did this and why they did it. This caused my channel to have a 90 day live streaming ban and a copyright strike. I talked with those who issued the strike and they agreed to retract it, if I removed several videos that they did not want to be included in. I agreed, as I would just edit them and reupload them without their inclusion. Nobody would even notice and actually more people would see the newly uploaded video. A few days later, I received two community guidelines strikes on my jeranism channel and two community guidelines strikes on my jeranismRAW channel… all on the same day. Could it be a coincidence? Possibly, however I have never received two strikes in one day let alone two strikes on two different channels all in the same day. Someone seemed to be going through my videos on both channels and flagging whatever they could. Of course the issue is that if you receive a third strike, your channel is gone. Within a week, both my channels were in serious jeopardy, one strike away from being deleted entirely. I wasn’t too fearful about the jeranismRAW channel and actually have appealed both those strikes and am currently waiting for a response. I then deleted any video I thought could be flagged for various reasons mostly including what YouTube calls “impersonation.”

However, the jeranism channel did worry me. One of the videos was an older video I did on Pizzagate and I knew I couldn’t appeal that strike and the other video was a video where the strike was given for going against the WHO and CDC which YouTube calls “impersonation.” Many of my videos have been removed in the past for this reason but YouTube simply deleted them. It didn’t bother me much when they just deleted videos for “impersonation” but all of a sudden, they went from deleting them to issuing actual strikes. And when I saw two strikes in one day, (actually four if both channels are counted) I knew another one was probably coming and so I took it upon myself to protect my channel. To do that, I deleted all of my videos. That way, there would be no way to get the third and final community guideline strike. I could be wrong… they could still pull my channel or delete it, in which case it was going to happen anyway. So pulling the videos is no different than if they ultimately delete them.

By doing what I did, I will live to fight another day. I will try to upload my videos again when my channel is off restriction and allowed to upload or I will upload them to a new channel. The copyright takedown strike was eventually retracted, so I no longer have a 90 day ban. I am currently serving a two week ban on each of my channels although the jeranismRAW channel is in appeals. Until I am out of YouTube jail, you can find me doing live streams at DLive here. If you are looking for my older YouTube videos you can still find them in a few places. There is an online archive of most of my videos that you can find on troo.tube here. There is also a channel on YouTube (that I have nothing to do with) but uploads most of my videos. You can find that channel here. I also have uploaded most of my recent streams to this website. You can find those recent videos on the homepage here.

So, what will happen when my channels become usable again? I haven’t decided yet. YouTube simply cannot be a place for truth content for much longer. I may possibly do some live streams there and then pull the videos after and place them on my website. I may upload small clips of live streams I do on DLive to YouTube and let people know where to find the full videos. I might do a weekly YouTube livestream and tell people what time they can find my more uncensored videos on other platforms. I have several ideas and over the next few weeks will be deciding which direction to go in. Hopefully you the viewer, understand that YouTube will not allow the kind of content you enjoy for much longer. If you would like those of us who produce this kind of content and do these types of show to continue doing what we have been, even if it means losing our YouTube channels… please consider supporting this website and my channels.

For just $5 a month, you can join my Patreon here and get full access to this website, monthly Patron only hangouts, all past Monday Night Raw podcast episodes commercial free and access to all the videos I do, no matter where I do them. But more importantly, you can support what you like and help me continue to do what I have been. Whether that ends up being partially on YouTube, fully on DLive, Patreon Only or some combination of the above. Thanks for all your support thus far, whether it is through Patreon or any other method. Even if you have shared my videos in the past or simply just watched. It has all helped! I appreciate it all more than I can say. But my Patrons are the ones who allow me to keep this channel and website going. And they are the ones who will allow me to go further by setting up my own server, on my own website or whatever direction I decide to go to continue to provide my content.

So, have no fear… my channel will return. For how long? Who knows. Maybe a day, maybe a week, possibly a year. Again, it isn’t a matter of “if” it is a matter of “when” and so knowing and realizing that now, I will take the steps to prepare for it. Protecting my channel for now, by deleting the videos, was step 1 of that plan. They can still be found online and I have every one of them saved. They will eventually be uploaded again. When that happens, it is likely more people will see them than if they were just sitting on my channel amongst 450 others. So, as with most things, perhaps this will end up working out for the better in the end. Let’s hope. Thanks for the support, please keep an eye on my channel as you never know when it will be back and rocking. It shouldn’t be too long now… maybe a couple of weeks. So, if you aren’t subscribed, please do so here and make sure you click the bell next to the subscribe button. That is the only way you will be notified when I upload a video or go live. In the meantime, find me Live at DLive, find my videos online at trootube, find my past videos on YouTube here. Crumble upward and don’t let them get you down. We will continue the good fight for truth.

Thanks again and till next time…